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4 Great Financial Tips For the Millennial College Grad

buy life insuranceCongratulations! You’ve graduated college and are ready to take the next step in your adult life. Graduating college is a fun and exciting time that is also accompanied by feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty. Though you will be searching and (hopefully) finding great career opportunities, it’s important to focus on all aspects of your finances and not just your paycheck.

Here are some great financial tips that will not only help you during this complicated transitional period out of college, but for the rest of your adult life:

  • Start investing — Investing might sound like something you’re supposed to start doing in middle age, but it can be very beneficial for young people, too. Investing your money can help give you a lucrative financial future and will also prevent you from spending your money on less the important things that most individuals in their 20s often buy. Plus, the sooner you invest your money, the more it will grow.
  • Buy life insurance — Even before you start your professional career, you should still consider buying life insurance now that you’re officially an adult. It might seem scary at the moment, but in a few short years you might be starting a wonderful family. Sadly, you’re not invincible, and you’ll need quality health care coverage and life insurance just in case something terrible happens.
  • Handle your debt as soon as you can — You might have some hefty student loan debt or credit card debt piled up. That’s okay, but you need to take care of it. Letting debt continue to grow can cause all kinds of financial problems down the line, so start chopping away at it as soon as you can. That includes paying more than the minimum on your bills, too. Roughly one-third of Americans only pay the minimum due on their credit card bills each month, which can be terrible for your credit score.
  • Consult with an experienced financial advisor — Financial planning should be at the top of your newfound priority list. No matter what your current financial situation is, whether you’ve landed an amazing job or are working part-time until something comes your way, you should always be planning out your financial future.

If you want to learn more about improving your financial literacy, work with an experienced advisor, or buy life insurance, give Linda Clarkson a call today.

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